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Your IMTD Paper

As part of the process of becoming a Member of the Institute, you are required to submit with your application a paper which will form the basis of some of the discussion you will have with the Executive.

Some candidates become very anxious about this part of the process but you should see it as no more than an opportunity to express your own thoughts on paper about something you are interested in and/or passionate about.

The important thing to remember is that while your paper should be factually accurate, it is at the same time an expression of your thoughts, ideas and conclusions on a particular subject in your own words. What you really need to be able to do is answer any questions or points that may be raised when discussing your paper with members of the Executive.

The Institute may well choose, with your permission, to place your paper on the IMTD website.


What should the paper be about?

The paper itself should be related to driver instruction/training, education or road safety but the actual topic and subject matter is of your own choosing.

How long does it need to be?

The paper should be 1000-1500 words.

How should I structure the paper?

This is for you to determine but the usual way would be:

  • An introduction in which you establish your subject/topic
  • The main body of text in which you set out your facts and arguments
  • Finally, a conclusion in which you determine what you think based on the evidence in your main text

Can you give me an idea of the kind of topic areas which would be acceptable?

This list is intended to prompt your own thoughts and demonstrate the wide breadth of acceptable ideas which have been considered in the past:

  • Critical Review of the Trainee Licence System
  • Teaching People to Drive with Learning Difficulties
  • A Review of Speed Workshops and the Arguments for In-Car Tuition
  • Learner-Centred Learning for At Work Drivers: The Way Forward
  • Do We Teach People to Drive in the Right Way?
  • The Lone Driving Instructor
  • Developing Attitudes for New Drivers in a Workshop Environment
  • Is the Hazard Perception Test Fit for Purpose?
  • A Critical View of the Current Drink Driving Laws
  • The Best Approach to Undertaking Fleet Driver Training


Can I draw on other research material and information in my paper?

You can use any method of research you like but when referring to a source, whether it be the internet, a book, an article or a piece of published research, you must clearly state the source, and if you use the actual words of that source, put them in quotation marks.

Can I use diagrams, charts or graphics?

By all means, if they clarify what you are discussing but don’t think that you have to include such material. If you do, be sure you understand what you have included as you could be asked to give an explanation when discussing your paper with the members of the Executive.

Is there anything I should avoid?

Please do not simply extract whole chunks of text from sourced material and paste them together to form your own paper. We are interested in what you think. A ‘cut & paste’ job tells us nothing about you, other than you have no original ideas of your own.

Do I need to seek approval for my subject/topic before I write it?

You do not need any prior approval from the Executive about the subject matter before you put pen to paper. If you really wanted to seek confirmation or you have concerns about your paper’s acceptability, then by all means float your thoughts and ideas with any member of the Executive.

Under what circumstances would my paper be rejected?

It is very unlikely that the Executive would reject your paper outright. What is more likely is that you could be asked to provide more detail or clarification if what you have written is not understood or complete in some way.

Membership of the IMTD helps develop my road safety awareness through monthly newsletter and regular meetings with knowledgeable and experienced speakers. It is a friendly and welcoming organisation with committed individuals and being a part lends professional credibility to my driver and rider training business in its marketing.

Jedidiah Benaviharuchot M.Inst.M.T.D.

Being a member of the IMTD for many years has been a proud and rewarding  experience.
Also, being associated with many like-minded professionals  has helped me grow and prosper as an individual and driver trainer.
Tom Harrington M.Inst.M.T.D.

IMTD and Me

The IMTD has been very good for me. They are encouraging and welcoming at their meetings and have excellent speakers.

They are an excellent source of information because of their high level of expertise, and I am proud to be among them.

Julia Malkin, MBE  – M.Inst.M.T.D.

I joined the IMTD primarily as a means of both keeping my industry knowledge up to date and also as a way of meeting and networking with similar minded people

Mike Addis M.Inst.M.T.D.