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THE INSTITUTE – is a ‘not for profit’ organisation run by an executive committee of well-qualified, elected, and unpaid volunteers from across the spectrum of the driver training industry.

THE INSTITUTE – organise meeting and seminars both in person and on-line to increase the knowledge and understanding of relevant driver training and road safety matters as well as distributing regular and relevant information updates by email.


THE INSTITUTE – has a positive approach and respect for all those engaged in working for safer roads and safer road users.

THE INSTITUTE – has working relationships with the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council (ADINJC), the Driving Instructor Association (DIA, and the Motor Schools Association of GB (MSA).

THE INSTITUTE – has a harmonious relationship with the Department of Transport and the Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA)

(However, it is important to note that the Institute is not a trade association, and its members join because they wish to and not for any benefits which might accrue from other bodies).


THE INSTITUTE – seeks to promote high standards and practice in driver education, training and road safety by providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions in driver training, driving in general and road safety whilst at the same time keeping its members informed about developments in driver education and tuition.

THE INSTITUTE – advises its members and others within the profession of the opportunities to improve their standards of tuition, efficiency, profitability and service to the public through the means of networking and increasing their knowledge base along with mentoring support.

THE INSTITUTE – represents, as and where appropriate, the views of the most experienced, highly qualified and successful people in the field of driver education, training and road safety.

THE INSTITUTE – provides opportunities to network and share with many of the leading and knowledgeable people within driver education and road safety industry.


M Inst MTD 

 Once accepted into Membership of the Institute you have the right to use the post nominal of M Inst MTD and the insignia of the Institute on your own personal mail, business cards and website