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IMTD Annual Awards.

Sponsored by RED Driving School

The Institute of Master Tutors of Driving is calling for nominations in four categories in respect of its awards for 2020.

The awards are the Institute’s annual opportunity to recognise outstanding contribution to driver training and road safety. It will recognise an individual or organisation whether that be from the voluntary, public or commercial sector that has contributed significantly to driver training and or road safety in the United Kingdom.

In each class there will be one overall winner and up to three who will be highly commended for their contribution and involvement.

The four main award categories are:
  • IMTD New Driver Initiative Award
  • IMTD Leading Organisation Award
  • IMTD Individual Driver Trainer of the Year Award
  • IMTD Driver Training Company Award

The awards will be presented on Sunday 13th September 2020 at the IMTD Annual Lunch.

Nominations are permitted from any individual company or organisation and they have to be sent via email to imtdevents@hotmail.com by midnight on Friday 24th July 2020.

The overall winner in each category will not know until the day but they will be aware that they are to be presented with at least a highly commended certificate. All recipients will be notified in August 2020 so they can make arrangements to attend the presentation

Using the below form, the nomination must include the full name of the person/organisation being nominated together with an email address, phone number and postal address.

  • It must state the category for which the award is being proposed (This could be for more than one category but only one award overall would be made)
  • It must then state the name and email address of the person(s) making the nomination, phone number and postal address
  • Then as the person making the nomination you must write a citation for the nomination you are making giving the reasons/supporting evidence for making the proposal. This should be contained within a minimum of 300 and maximum of 500 words

Nominations should be emailed to Charles Morton, IMTD Awards Manager at imtdevents@hotmail.com

IMTD New Driver Initiative Award

An initiative which has been introduced by an individual or organisation and challenges new drivers to become better and safer and moves beyond that of simple skills based training. This award might well recognise an initiative which is aimed at both pre and novice drivers. Such an initiative would need to demonstrate its structure, delivery and the way in which it is monitored along with any evaluation which has taken place and demonstrate its significance in behaviour change/ knowledge gain.

(The 2019 winner was RED Driving School)

IMTD Individual Driver Trainer of the Year Award

This award seeks to find an exceptional driver trainer who would if challenged be able to demonstrate that they were signed up to a Code of Conduct, has undertaken and or delivered continuous professional development and has delivered a high level of customer satisfaction. A trainer who does more than teach people to drive but also helps others within the profession. They may well have introduced a new way of teaching pupils to drive or introduced an innovative way in which they have been able to help those who are in some way challenged in terms of the driving task.

(The 2019 winner was Tracey Hammett)

IMTD Training Industry Award

This award is to recognise a driver/or other training company in the widest possible field of activity not just being confined to cars but also LGV’s, PCV’s, minibuses and motorcycling but other forms of driver education and road safety practices etc. It is available to reward sustained initiatives in all forms of training which have been monitored and evaluated and can indicate levels of behavioural change and casualty reduction. Such an award would recognise sustainability and longevity within the industry.

(The 2019 winner was Peeks Driver Training)

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Sadly the 2020 awards where cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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