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Graham Feest F Inst MTD has been Chairman of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving for considerably longer than any of his predecessors, enabling him to build a strong and stable executive around him.

A well-known and highly respected road safety practitioner with solid links to the driver training industry on a national and local level.

Here, he says something about the Institute from his perspective:

 You may not have been aware of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (IMTD) before, but it is a well-respected, international body based in the UK.

If you want to add credibility and standing to your business by using the Institute’s Logo and your post-nominals M Inst MTD, then becoming a member will enable you to gain the recognition you deserve if and once you are accepted into membership.

IMTD, as it is often referred to, is not a trade association, but it will persuade anyone working within the industry that they should belong to one of the recognised bodies (ADI National Joint Council, The Driving Instructors Association, or the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain). It is fair to say that most members belong to one or more of these bodies.                                                   

However, Driver Trainers and road safety practitioners who have a close relationship with the industry become members of the Institute because they want to and believe that being able to network and have immediate contact with many of the leading people in the industry on a regular basis is worthwhile. Each member supports each other in terms of exchanging knowledge, experience, and business management.

IMTD members have unparalleled knowledge and experience of the Driver Training industry as a whole. Because of this, they are in an excellent position to comment on proposals and consultations on driver training and road safety matters. The Government and its agencies and other such bodies highly regard IMTD members as having many of the most highly qualified and successful driver trainers and road safety practitioners within their membership.

Members thirst for making the roads safer using a holistic approach to driver education, and that training is not just delivered to pass a driving test, as safe driving for life is far more.

The Institute is a ‘not for profit’ organisation run by an Executive of well-qualified, elected, and unpaid volunteers from across the spectrum of the driver training industry. We organise seminars for IMTD members both in person and online to increase everyone’s understanding and knowledge of relevant driver training and road safety matters. We also distribute regular and relevant information updates by email.

Being a member of IMTD gives those involved in the driver training industry several benefits in furthering their knowledge of relevant driver training and road safety matters (as well as being able to network with the best in the industry). To become a member of IMTD is not just a matter of paying a membership fee. A process is applied to ensure any applicants have a suitable level of experience and relevant knowledge, which is verified before the applicant is granted Membership.